Foxworth Media is an all purpose media content creator whose main project right now is The Family Blend! comic strip and animated shorts.  The comic strip is featured by The Skanner News Group (NNPA) & Webtoon.  All animation & comic strips are done in Toon Boom software – A-proud sponsor of Foxworth/media.  To date their projects have won; nine awards, have had twenty nominations and have been featured at four animation showcases. Including the ultimate in Geekdoom San Diego Comic Con!!!  Well, that’s about it.  Like the slogan says, “If it can be imagined, then it can be done.”  Especially by us if you’re paying.  And smiley face emoji 🙂 (people love smiley face emojis).


Film_Festival_SoccerDad Winner w-trophy Film_Festival_TFB-MNXmas Winner w-trophy

Film_Festival_TGAD Laurel Winner Kids Film_Festival_TFB Winner 2015