The Family Blend!: Pop’s Big Payback Rounds Out 2017 w/Two More Wins!

The Family Blend’s 2017 festival run ended well picking up awards in Nov & Dec both from NYC festivals!  TFB’s: Pop’s Big Payback! grabbed an award at NYC’s New Filmmakers Showcase (Fall Session) on Nov. 22nd and again on Dec. 7th at the American Filmatic Festival.  Both were for Best Animated Short.  Foxworth Media thanks all the festivals, comic-cons […]

The Family Blend Rocks @ SDCC International 2017!!!

For the second year in a row, The Family Blend was featured in The Children’s Film Fest at San Diego Comic-Con International. Last year introduced the Scoobeeman story line (pop’s comic strip character) and this year debuted another non-superhero The Incredible Bulk.  It was the opening to the first act of the pilot episode “Pop’s Big Payback”(act one […]