It was a great night (and the day wasn’t too bad either) for the three film shorts Foxworth Media had entered at the 10th Annual Atlantic City Cinefest (#NJOscars).  After playing to a sold out Noyes Arts Garage in AC, the cast and crew moved down the street to the Dante Theater for the awards ceremony.  Kicking off the night was Best Supporting Actress in a Dramedy going to Nicole Young in her first role (that she had to be begged to do and now look – superstar) playing Aunt B in What’s The Matter With Mommy?.  Next award of the night: Best Ensemble Cast to the cast of What’s The Matter With Mommy? – Jenn Cook, Brian McCole, Sebastian J. Foxworth, Nicole F. Young, Dionne Inge, Deja Lee, Devin T. Foxworth and Sebastian H. Foxworth.

The Family Blend! – Pop’s Big Payback! four the third year in a row and fourth out of five years won for Best Animation.  TFB was also up for Best Ensemble Cast for the first time.

Rounding out the night was The Great American Depression 2 – I’m Not Crazy winning for Best Documentary Short and for the new music category Best Soundtrack written, produced and composed by Poppa Foxx & vocals by: Aaliyah Paige & Lynn Mossop.

After the films showing, there was a Q&A for each film in which some of the cast from each film answered some heart felt questions.  What’s the Matter w/Mommy was praised for it’s acting and cinematography as well as it’s story (I must say the directing & editing was pretty damn good too).  Jeny Cook, Devin Foxworth and Bash Foxworth were in attendance for WTMw/Mommy’s cast.  Then came the tears and applause for the cast of the doc short The Great American Depression 2 in attendance: Tiffany Battles, Danny Monk, and Patti Woeller.  A good time, as usual, was had by all.  Until next year – HAVE A GOOD ONE PEOPLE!!!

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