Foxworth Media took home FIVE awards on Sunday Oct. 16th from the 9th Annual Atlantic City Film Festival and leading the way with winning three out of five nominations was Dramedy/Suspense short Unexplainable.  Unexplainable won for: Best Supporting Actress-Jen Cook, Best New Director-Sebastian Foxworth and Best im-number-1-trophy-poseShort.  April Fullard was nominated for Best Actress and Celina Foxworth was nominated for Best New Actress.  All were in attendance in one form or another.  When Unexpalinable won for Best Dramedy Short, Executive Producer Sharon Cram joined the cast on stage and Celina Foxworth, who was away at college, joined via Skype.  The entire crowd gave her a nice, “Hi Celina,” when prompted to by Sebastian.  The surprise of the night was new comer Jen Cook’s win for Best Supporting Actress.  She was the last person cast for the film short after an extensive search led to the eventual hook-up for the roll.  Another shocker of the night came with the win for The Great American Depression(men) for Best NJ Documentary Short.  Rounding out the Award winning evening was the hit of this years San Diego’s Comic Con Children’s Film Fest: The Family Bend! – Scoobeeman Begins!  Over all cast, crew and behind the scenes people did a great job and congratulations all around to a job well done!

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