The highly anticipated follow up short to last years award winning dramedy short Unexplainable is set to finish it’s principal shooting this weekend and head straight to post to ready to hit the festival circuit.  What’s The Matter w/Mommy? is a little darker than last year’s film shorty, but it will still have the suspense and intriguing dialogue that made Unexplainable a hit on the festival circuit last year.

“We dive head first into mental illness and domestic violence on this one,” says writer/director Sebastian Foxworth.  The story is about a teenage boy named Shad who is witnessing his mother on the verge of having another nervous breakdown.  He questions what possibly could have happened in her life to get her to these points in life.  He usually just brushes it off as, “She’s crazy!”  Luckily he has an aunt that explains to him his mother’s and the rest of their family’s history.  Now he wonders is she crazy or special?  This story will be told in two parts.

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